I hang around in #WordPress quite a lot, and I've noticed a lot of users (at least a lot of voices in my head) asking where <string> is in a theme or plugin.

Soooooo, the solution;

A simple plugin that lets you search through a theme or plugin for a specific string, which then outputs a list of line numbers, file names and the text that matched your string.

Download the plugin from the WordPress repository // Fork it on GitHub (GitHub mirror is unfortunately not in sync with the primary version)

8 thoughts on “WordPress String Locator”

    1. Glad you had a use for it!

      If you feel generous, feel free to drop by the wordpress.org forums or IRC channel and help out someone else who might be in a pickle 🙂

  1. Great plugin,saved me a lot of time. But be carefful,because each time when you save change with string locator it makes empty row in your code and it can cause WSOD. So remember to delete those rows or change your code thru Cpanel.

    1. Hi,

      Glad to hear you found it handy, I’m curious as to where you got the extra linefeeds added though (it shouldn’t be doing that), also how it generated a WSOD for you and what version you are using.

      The latest version has built in site degradation detection, and shouldn’t let you save changes that result in a WSOD.

  2. Hi, i have installed your plugin, activated, but i can see it in any part! is not available in the tools, or anywhere else on my wordpress install, its pretty strange

    1. Hiya,

      Do you have an `Edit` option under the `Appearances` menu? If not, it is likely not showing up because file edits have been disabled on your install (some security plugins, like for example WordFence, also disable edits, and will affect the plugin and hide it from view).

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